Living in Australia

Living in Australia

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The Lucky Country

In search for a new life

An increasing disillusionment with many aspects of life has seen a significant number of Brits make the decision to start over in a new country with a warmer climate and a better quality of life.

More British people than ever before want to turn dreams of a foreign life into reality, a poll for the BBC According to the national poll, more than half of British people have considered emigrating in their life time suggests.

If you are considering emigrating, there is a lot to consider

  • Where to live in Australia

  • Australia Culture

  • Cost of Living in Australia

  • Property In Australia

  • Private Health Insurance Australia

  • Banks and Home Loans in Australia

Australia Jobs

How easy is it to get a job in Australia or to study in Australia.

Australia is a brilliant place to work and to be a student, with its vibrant culture, good cost of living outdoors lifestyle due to the sunny climate.

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Jobs in Australia

Our Jobs in Australia section on jobs contains the essential information you will need to look for work, such as

  • What occupations are in demand in Australia?

  • Importance of Qualifications and Work Experience

  • Finding the latest Australian job vacancies?

Students in Australia

Visit our section for Students if you want to know how about studying abroad in Australia. It covers