Living in Australia

Australia Jobs and Occupations

Australia Jobs and Occupations What occupations are in demand in Australia? The Occupations listed under the General Skilled Migration categories are those Occupations that have been identified as being important for Australia’s growth and offer long term career oportunities. Skilled points-tested migration applicants whose occupation is identified on the MODL are currently awarded an additional

Australia Jobs

Australia Jobs Australia has a shortage of skilled workers, both trades people and white collar professionals. Australian Jobs Getting a job in Australia can seem very daunting. We will help make it easier for you by helping you to be well prepared. A good starting point for background information on what you will need before

Living in Australia

Living in Australia Notes: The information in this section (Useful links) and its sub-links (Where to live, Jobs…) are collected from other useful web sites on the Internet. It helps the users quickly find out necessary information when living in Australia. The Lucky Country In search for a new life An increasing disillusionment with many

Australia Cost of Living

Australia Cost of Living Wages and Income Tax in Australia Wages The Australian dollar is the national currency. They have $100, $50, $ 20, $ 10 and $ 5 notes, and $2, $1, .50 cent, .20 cent, .10 cent and .5 cent coins. There are no 1 cent coins. Many places charge something like AU$

Australian Property

Australian Property   Once you have chosen where to live in Australia, your next challenge is to find a home to live in. We would recommend initially renting before buying a property, it gives you a chance to settle in and find out about the different suburbs before property investing. The following sites will be

Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance Australia has a public health system funded by 1.5% Income Tax, however the Government actively encourages people to have private health insurance, and it is a requirement of your working visa.Nine countries (the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, Finland, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand and Sweden) have reciprocal health care

Australian Banks

Australian Banks  The main Australian banks are: Westpac, Suncorp, Commonwealth, ANZ, National Australian Bank, and St. George. Each one operates in a different way. The other surprise is that they all have different charges for credit cards, paying bills or using an ATM. There are two main types of bank accounts, Savings Accounts (pays interest)

Australian Culture

Australian Culture Australians are very friendly and helpful people, with a great sense of humor and a natural ability to tell jokes and play with words. The Australia culture is strongly influenced by United States , British and European culture. To get a better understanding of the diversity of lifestyles,visit the MOSAIC website which has

Australian Fun

Australian Fun Australia has many social pastime times including Beaches – sunbathing and swimming Sport – anything and everything Food and Wine – Australia has some of best Wines and fresh food in the world Deadly Wildlife – Australia has 10 of the most poisonous snakes

Where to Live in Australia

Where to Live in Australia? Your first decision is where you are going to live. Do any Travel in Australia and you will quickly realise what a large country Australia is. The vibrant Australia states, each different, use the links below to help you learn more about the different states and cities. – provides