Australian Culture

Australian Culture

Australians are very friendly and helpful people, with a great sense of humor and a natural ability to tell jokes and play with words.

The Australia culture is strongly influenced by United States , British and European culture. To get a better understanding of the diversity of lifestyles,visit the MOSAIC website which has divided the Australian population into 51 different segments based on over 200 variables. Choose which one most closely resembles you.

Here is a lighthearted insight into the Aussie mindset.The Australian Culture Test.

Other elements of Australia Culture are:

  • Australians are compulsive buyers having some of the biggest credit card debts in the world. On rainy days (no beach to go) it is very hard to get a parking place in a Shopping Center.

  • Aussies love to gamble – Pokies is a type of slot machine to be found in pubs and RSL clubs.

  • Nothing demands as much attention from Australians as a House. It is as a national symbol of security. For more information on Australian real estate

  • The fashion in Australia is pretty casual and laid back. Australians are very informal when it comes to clothes. However, when an aussie says “thongs” they mean footwear not undies.

Modern Australia Culture is a multi cultural society having been driven by immigration from many different groups. If you interested here is more information on: