Australia Jobs and Occupations

Australia Jobs and Occupations

What occupations are in demand in Australia?

The Occupations listed under the General Skilled Migration categories are those Occupations that have been identified as being important for Australia’s growth and offer long term career oportunities.

Skilled points-tested migration applicants whose occupation is identified on the MODL are currently awarded an additional 15 or 20 points.

For Australia Skilled immigration you need a skill as defined as a skilled occupation as included in the skilled occupation list which is used to define who can apply without a sponsoring employer by the department Australia Immigration.

Australia Immigration can be complicated process so we recommend you get professional advice and assistance from MARA registered Australian Immigration Consultants or if you want help with visas contact the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

More information about occupations in demand in Australia is available from the Australia Government Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs.